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1.2 million kiwis (23%) are pre diabetic or diabetic*

The latest 2021 report by PWC shows that 228,000 kiwis are diagnosed type 2 diabetic and 930,000 others are prediabetic here in Aotearoa.

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New Zealand has a serious and growing Type 2 diabetes problem even though we now know it's a reversible disease and super easy to detect.

Within the next 20 years it is predicted the number of people with Type 2 diabetes will increase by 70-90%. Maori, Pacific and Asian people will be the worst affected*.

The total current annual cost of type 2 diabetes in New Zealand is estimated to be $2.1 billion.

This cost is expected to rise to 3.5 billion dollars by 2035*.

* Stats from the PricewaterhouseCoopers 2021 report. Download the report below for FREE.

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A1CNow is fast, easy, and accurate. It provides A1C results in 5 minutes which are 99% laboratory accurate*

*Study results with healthcare professionals showed that the accuracy of A1CNow with fingerstick samples was, on average, 99%. This means that, on average, a true 7.0% A1C could read approximately 6.9% A1C. An individual A1CNow result may differ by as much as -1.0% A1C to +0.8% A1C from the true result.

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Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is a complex, progressive and chronic disease caused by insufficient production of insulin and/or resistance to insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas. It promotes
the uptake of glucose from the blood stream into the cells, where it is then metabolised as an energy source.
When there is insufficient production of insulin and/or the body resists insulin, blood glucose levels become too
high and type 2 diabetes can occur.

There are multiple types of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a largely preventable and reversible form that develops through age and weight gain in genetically susceptible people, when both the cells become
resistant to insulin and the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. As discussed above, insufficient insulin
and/or a lack of response to insulin by the body's cells, leads to high blood glucose levels, which causes damage to blood vessels over time. Early symptoms of type 2 diabetes can easily go unnoticed and typically include fatigue, excessive thirst, frequent urination, frequent infections, hunger, and blurred vision. Diagnosis can be made through a blood test which measures the average glycated haemoglobin (HbAIC) content of the blood over a two to three-month period.

If type 2 diabetes is not managed, long-term damage of blood vessels can lead to more serious complications such as heart and blood vessel disease, nerve damage (which can eventually lead to
amputation), kidney damage, eye damage, slow healing, hearing impairment, skin conditions, sleep apnea and
Alzheimer's disease". Maintaining blood glucose levels within the normal range can help to prevent these
complications from developing.

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