Our Mission

With nearly 1 million people estimated to be pre-diabetic and 230k Type 2 diabetics here in NZ, there is hope for a better future through early diagnosis, lifestyle education and cutting edge medical research in this field.

Our mission is to provide kiwis with a fast and easy to use solution to monitor their HbA1c score. By catching it early we can make lifestyle changes to prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

How the Remission Project began...

Co-Founder James Ehau's (Ngāti Porou) personal family tragedy led him on a journey around the world to search for answers after his father passed away of Type 2 diabetes in 2004.

After living in the US it became apparent there was a lot more that could be done to test and diagnose this preventable and reversable condition through home based testing solutions that weren't being offered back in New Zealand.

Co-Founder Tamati Norman (Ngati Kuri) along with James is driven to prevent whanau in Aotearoa from experiencing the mamae (pain) diabetes causes after having this preventable disease significantly impact his whanau and community including his Papa and Dad.

After a long & hard journey we have now secured the rights for New Zealand to the best in class HbA1c home testing device in the US.

As a result The Remission Project was born, to help shine the light on Type 2 diabetes here in Aotearoa, by offering this empowering technology.

Some common prediabetes symptoms to be aware of:

- Increased thirst
- Excess hunger between meals 
- Fatigue
- Frequent urination
- Blurred vision
- Weight gain or trouble losing weight
- Brain fog

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